What Should I Do If The Cylinder Printer Crashes?

- Feb 20, 2021-

  What should I do if the cylinder printer crashes? Generally it is not difficult, basically it is a hardware and software problem, you can restart and try, if it still can't be solved, solve it according to the following methods.

   One,What should I do if the cylinder printer freezes?

   1. Cylinder UV printer software failure

   The software system is the command brain of the cylindrical printer. It can be imagined that there is a problem with the brain, can it function normally! The software problem occurs on the patchwork machine, so you should be familiar with the machine's software system and carry out the correct operation method before operation.

   2. Cylinder UV printer hardware failure

  A. The movement track of the cylindrical printer nozzle trolley is blocked or the power is insufficient; this situation hardly appears on new equipment, and may appear on equipment that has been used for a longer time. The inspection method is to remove the motor belt, separate the nozzle trolley from the motor, and then push the trolley down by hand. If the movement is not smooth, you should replace the track or the slider, because the resistance to the trolley is large at this time, which will cause electromechanical malfunction and crash .

  B. Nozzle motor failure; this type of failure causes more crashes. The nozzle motor of the cylinder printer is mainly divided into two types: AC and DC. Among them, the AC type has relatively few failures, and it is often used for a long time to cause a crash due to wear. There are many failures of the DC type. Not only will it crash due to wear and tear, but also some unexpected failures will cause headaches.

  Don't panic when the cylindrical printer encounters a crash during operation. The technical engineers of Yueda will help you correctly analyze the specific situation and guide you. I believe that you can face similar problems in the future.

   3. Setting problem

  Cylinder UV printer settings See whether the printer is set to pause printing, if so, just click to enter the cylinder UV printer operating software to cancel the pause setting. See if the cylinder printer is set as the default print format. If so, set the cylinder printer as the default printer in the computer printing program.

   Two,Summary of Cylinder UV Printer Manufacturer Dacen

  The above is the whole content of "What should I do if the cylindrical printer crashes?" Generally, if you buy a new machine, you can directly call the after-sales service of the cylindrical UV printer manufacturer, and they will tell you the solution. If it is a second mobile phone, it may be more troublesome. , May not know how to find after-sales personnel, the content of this article hopes to help you.

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