Does The Advertising Industry Need To Buy A Cylinder Printer?

- Feb 19, 2021-

  Cylinder printers are new equipment.Many customers want to do some simple cylinder image processing,such as vacuum flasks,stainless steel cups,cosmetic bottles,cones,etc.,which need to be processed,but they don’t want to buy a machine.General customers will find The advertising industry does custom processing.Does the advertising industry need to buy a cylinder printer?Actually it is necessary.

  One,Does the advertising industry need to buy a cylinder printer?

  1.The sales price is high

  The price of cylinder printers in general advertising companies is calculated on a per-unit basis,which can be 1-2USD per unit,while the cost of ink is as low as 1 cent,which is a price difference.

  2.Personalized customization

  Cylinder printer meets people's individual needs.For designers,cylinder UV printers are their gospel,and the design samples can be modified arbitrarily on the computer until the customer is satisfied.UV printing patterns can achieve photo-level printing.

cylinder UV printer

  3.No plate making,one piece can be made

  Cylinder printer does not need to make a plate,one piece can also be produced,that is,it can be produced regardless of the bulk or batch orders.

  Two,Summary of the cylinder UV printer manufacturer Dacen

  The above is the whole content of"Does the advertising industry need to buy a cylinder printer?"If you,as an advertising industry,do not yet have a cylinder printer,you can consider buying one.

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