What Is The Difference Between Dacen Cylinder Printers And Traditional Ones?

- Feb 10, 2021-

   There are still many so-called cylindrical printers on the market. However, most of them are not up to speed or the effect is not up to the desired effect. Therefore, after years of painstaking research and development, Dacen chooses a matching arrangement and suitable The print head and special UV lamp control make the white color varnish can print at the same time, and the speed is more than 2-3 times faster than the transmission method. And a cylindrical printer that can print special-shaped products such as cones and height differences.

   One, what is the difference between the Dacen cylinder printer and the traditional one?

   The traditional printing method is the scanning printing method, that is, the bottle is placed on the clamp on the platform, the clamp slowly drives the bottle to rotate, and then the car head moves repeatedly on the bottle to scan and print. This printing method only prints for at least half an hour. It takes up to 2 hours for the big bottles, but usually a few more in a row, but due to the limitations of its own scanning and platform length, it will print 5-10 in 30 minutes. This approach brings several problems:

cylinder printer

   1. If it is only for proofing, it is more than 30 to confirm the product effect, and it is not convenient to adjust in time;

   2. White color varnish cannot be printed at the same time, if printing at the same time, the speed will continue to slow down;

  3. The nozzle utilization rate is low (only the printing part is used), and the nozzle is more prone to damage;

   4. Cannot print cone products;

   5. It is more troublesome to install and place the product in the designated position; if you want to achieve seamless joints, the difficulty of debugging is greatly improved;

  6. Due to belt drive, after a long time of use, rubber roller wear or belt wear will cause step loss (skidding) during printing, and product accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

   There is also a transmission method, but the nozzle has been used to move slowly to print and the bottle rotates at a high speed. However, due to its nozzle arrangement, the white ink, color ink and varnish are not printed at the same time, but three times separately, so the speed will also be reduced.

  Second, the cylinder printer manufacturer Dacen summarizes

  Dacen's cylindrical printer can realize automatic high-speed customization of vacuum flasks, stainless steel cups, wine bottles, etc. I hope to help you.

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