Which Cylinder Printer Manufacturer Is Better?

- Jan 29, 2021-

   Anyone who needs a thermos bottle printer will want to know which manufacturer to choose for a cylindrical printer? In fact, what is said here is nothing more than high cost performance, good products and good after-sales service.

   One. Which cylinder printer manufacturer is better?

   1. Cylindrical UV printer performance

   What is a good device? Is it versatile, fast, and precise? These are, but not comprehensive. In addition to these, the performance of a good cylinder printer also includes the stability of spare parts, the degree of system intelligence, simple printing operation procedures, long service life and small power consumption, etc.

cylinder UV printer

  2. Cylinder UV printer manufacturer service

   When we use the equipment, not only the quality of the equipment itself is good, but also the manufacturer provides comprehensive and professional services. Including printing operation training, printing process introduction, as well as the manufacturer’s reputation, after-sales service attitude, and quick door-to-door maintenance.

  3. Cone printer price

   The price of the cone printer mentioned here should include the maintenance cost, consumables cost, processing cost, personnel cost, etc. in addition to the purchase price of the equipment. The cone printer is a digital and highly intelligent printing device that requires few operators, so it can help companies save a lot of labor costs.

   Two. Summary of the cylindrical UV printer manufacturer Dacen

   Which cylinder printer is better? You can consider Dacen. With 15 years of industry experience, the cylindrical printer uses Ricoh G5i nozzles, which has a long service life and print speeds as fast as 10Sec/pc.

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