What Is The Difference Between A Universal Flatbed Printer And A Traditional Printer?

- May 28, 2018-

The development of printers has always been quite optimistic, abandoning those traditional printers, and constantly introducing more new printers in the market, and more importantly, the universal flatbed printers introduced in the market. When the universal flatbed printer was launched on the market, it used its own advantages to win people's attention and love, and it has been used in many fields. In fact, the universal flatbed printer is exactly what everyone calls a uv flatbed printer. It is a high-tech digital printer. More importantly, it is a full-color printer, so it will be widely used by people. There is no doubt. Then, what is the difference between a universal flatbed printer and a conventional printer? Next, Runcair Digital Xiaobian introduces the difference between the two.

The difference between traditional printers of universal flatbed printers is in three aspects, mainly as shown below.

1, printing materials, universal flatbed printer can print glass, tiles, leather, metal, etc., the traditional printer is printed paper.

2, printing effect, universal flatbed printer can print 3D embossed three-dimensional pattern, flatbed printer can only print flat.

3, printing efficiency, universal flatbed printer is the factory batch printing processing use, the traditional printer is generally personal use or office use.

The above is the introduction of the difference between the universal uv flatbed printer and the traditional printer. It is mainly introduced from three aspects: the printing effect of the two, the printing efficiency of the two, and the type of printed materials of the two. All in all, the universal uv flatbed printer has great advantages over traditional printers. In fact, whether it is in the printing effect, printing efficiency, or in the printed material types, universal uv flatbed printer is slightly better.

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