What Are The Product Features Of Tile Printers

- Jun 01, 2018-

What are the product features of tile printers?

  1. Overcoming material boundaries

Can print any medium within the specified thickness, completely overcome the traditional printing method that can only use special paper and special specifications, and can use very thin or very thick objects.

2. With automatic cleaning system

The significant nozzle stoppage function automatically cleans the printhead in various modes according to the consumer's choice, which prevents nozzle clogging.

3. Ability to adjust height and batch settings

The tile printer uses a horizontally moving vertical jet structure, which makes it easy to use various raw materials freely. In addition, it can also automatically lift to a suitable print height for perfect printing results.

4. Not affected by the material of the object

Color image printing services can be performed on surfaces such as raw materials and finished products with rich colors because the print head is not in contact with the medium surface.

5. High print accuracy

Tile printers generally use special inks produced by the company, so the accuracy of printing is high, which makes the output image more realistic.

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