What Are The Differences Between UV Flatbed Printers And Epson Printers?

- Mar 24, 2021-

  What are the differences between UV flatbed printers and Epson printers?I meet many customers who say they want to buy a printer.In fact,many customers are Epson printers for office use,which are more affordable and widely used.Even if the UV flatbed printer is equipped with Epson nozzles,it is different from the Epson printer for office use.Dacen editor just talked about the difference.

  One.What are the differences between UV flatbed printers and Epson printers?

  1.Different application ranges

  The obvious difference between the UV flatbed printer and the original Epson machine is the different scope of application.UV flatbed printers have a wide range of applications.They can be used for metal,glass,leather,ceramics,wood,bamboo,fabrics,T-shirts,plastics,silicone,MDF,PVC,acrylic,advertising materials,etc.to meet the high quality and high quality of many industries.Request printing requirements.But Epson printers are mainly used in offices,and the printing materials are mainly paper,which is the kind that is common in our office.

  2.Different operating modes

  Uv flatbed printer is different from the original Epson machine.Flatbed printers use non-contact belt transmission,while Epson printers use direct contact belt transmission.

  3.Different printing material thickness

  The thickness of the printing material of the UV flatbed printer is different from that of the original Epson machine.Epson printers can only print on paper and special ink-absorbing materials with a thickness of less than 1mm.The use of water-based inks has a small application range and poor water resistance.The flatbed printer can print all materials with a thickness within 340mm,and supports printing on curved surfaces with a drop of less than 10mm.It uses special inks and has good waterproof performance,which expands the application range of flatbed printers.

  Two.Summary of Dacen,a manufacturer of UV flatbed printers

  This article is"What are the differences between UV flatbed printers and Epson printers?"I hope to help you.In fact,what printer you want to buy is generally determined according to your needs.

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