What Should I Do If UV Flatbed Printer Printhead Cannot Work Normally?

- Mar 24, 2021-

  What should I do if the print head of the UV flatbed printer cannot work normally?The UV flatbed printer's print head cannot move automatically may be due to the failure to shut down the flatbed printer normally before moving the printer,causing the print head to not return to the fixed position normally,and the printer vibrates during the movement,causing the transmission belt to move from the guide gear.Fall off.How can this be solved?

  One.What should I do if UV flatbed printer printhead cannot work normally?

  1.After the drive belt of the flatbed printer is successfully reset,do not rush to print,because the flatbed printer needs to be re-calibrated to avoid the phenomenon of misalignment of the printing effect.The specific method is:After the uv printer is connected to the computer,start the printer,find the printer program in the computer,right-click the printer,select the print head alignment option under the maintenance option in the print options,and click to perform the print head alignment operation.After the print head alignment operation is completed,you can start printing.

  2.In the normal work and production of the uv flatbed printer,the print head may not move normally after the printer power-on self-check is completed.After opening the cover of the machine,the drive belt is found to be loose.Why is this?Here is a brief introduction to Dacen printers.

  3.Open the UV printer body cover first,then place the drive belt on the left side of the printer to the correct position on the power gear,stretch the drive belt by hand,the drive belt will gradually wind from one side to the guide gear,and wait until the middle Position,the drive belt is reset successfully.Move the print head by hand to see if it can move normally.If so,it means that the drive belt has been reset successfully.

  Two.Summary of Dacen,a manufacturer of UV flatbed printers

  This article is about"What should I do if the print head of the UV flatbed printer cannot work normally?",I hope to help you.

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