UV Flatbed Printer Nozzle Cleaning

- Jun 06, 2017-

Preparation work: universal printer print head nozzle where the backcourt also includes the nozzle drive circuit board, so you need to do a good job to protect the work of the circuit board, with the usual use of plastic wrap this half of the warehouse wrap.

Step 1: soak

Prepare a small plate, the nozzle flat on the plate, and then into the disk into the universal printer dedicated cleaning fluid, the depth of the nozzle part of the immersion will prevail. Be careful not to spill water on the cable plug and drive circuit board, the first soaking time of about one hour.

The second step: cleaning

1, with a damp cloth gently suction nozzle water stains, do not scratch the nozzle at the bottom of the nozzle.

2, repeat the process for all nozzles to be cleaned. Each nozzle should use the cloth clean area.

3, if the nozzle there is a block, you can steam the water slightly heated and put a small amount in the plate. When the nozzle is placed on the plate, the water should not be higher than the bottom 2CM because the water may leak to the back of the chip.

4, the nozzle upright in warm water. Wait 30 seconds, after drying the nozzle and then tested.

5, each nozzle should be cleaned with water. (Can also use ultrasonic cleaner cleaning nozzle)

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