Swing Speed Slows Down, Causing Low Speed Printing

- Jun 06, 2017-

The transformation of continuous ink supply system will often be the original ink cartridges to transform, this transformation will inevitably lead to the burden of the car. In the case of heavy load, the word car will be slow. And the overload will lead to accelerated aging of the UV flatbed printer belt and increased friction between the truck and the connecting rod. These will cause the UV flatbed printer to slow down. Severe cases can also lead to the word car can not be reset, and then can not be used.

Clever method:

1, replace the motor.

Continuous ink supply system hose and UV flat panel printer wall friction, resulting in electric motor load increases, long-term use of electric motor loss, try to replace;

2, lubrication link.

The use of time is relatively long, the machine inside the car and the friction of the connecting rod becomes larger, resulting in increased resistance to electric motor running slowly. Then the link can be lubricated to solve the fault;

3, belt aging.

The gears that are connected to the motor drive the gears to accelerate the aging of the UV flatbed printer's belt, and cleaning and lubrication can reduce the belt's aging.

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