UV Flatbed Printer Manufacturer-Dacen Printer Maintenance Service General Rules

- Oct 09, 2020-

UV flatbed printer manufacturer-Dacen printer maintenance service general rules

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  Regular UV printer manufacturers will have perfect after-sales service. As a 15-year-old domestic brand, Dacen has perfect after-sales service. This article will talk about UV flatbed printer manufacturers-Dacen printer maintenance service general rules.


   One, UV flatbed printer manufacturer-General rules of Dacheng Guangchi printer maintenance service

   1. The right to interpret this "General Provisions" belongs to Shenzhen Dacen Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dacen"), and no individual or other organization has the right to modify and interpret.

  2. This clause is only applicable to UV printers repaired by Dacen, and not applicable to UV flatbed printers agreed to be repaired by other manufacturers.

3. The description and explanation of the technical indicators of the UV printer sold should be based on the technical information provided by the UV printer factory (subject to the product manual or relevant industry standards), and the explanations and guarantees made by other institutions and individuals have no effect. .

  4. All UV flatbed printers should have a valid warranty card issued by Dacen. For UV printers that cannot provide a valid receipt and a valid warranty card, Dacen reserves the right not to provide related maintenance and other after-sales services.

  5, Dacen only assumes the warranty responsibility for the failure of the UV printer, and does not bear other joint and several liability.

  6. 24-hour service response means that within two consecutive working days (except national statutory holidays) after determining that the user's UV flatbed printer has a hardware failure, it will provide a solution or send a maintenance engineer to provide on-site service in accordance with the relevant service terms. If it is impossible to dispatch personnel within 24 hours due to technical reasons, an explanation will be made in advance and a specific time limit will be determined.

  7. During the warranty period, the company is responsible for free repairs for failures that occur under normal use.

   8. Even during the warranty period, under the following circumstances, repair fees will be charged as appropriate.

   (maintenance cost = labor cost + spare parts cost + travel cost)

  *The warranty card or other valid certificate cannot be issued.

  *There is no "Dacen Company Warranty Seal"

  *User improper operation

  *Failure caused by external power supply system or computer

  *Failure and damage caused by collision

  *Failure caused by unauthorized modification or repair of UV printer by users

  *Due to accidental disasters (floods, fires...)

   9. Please keep the outer packing box of the UV printer properly after the UV printer is installed, so as to facilitate the maintenance or transportation of the UV printer in the future.

   10. If the UV printer is damaged during transportation, please contact your carrier or insurance company to resolve it.

  11. If the user finds that the UV printer is abnormal, please contact Dacen Technical Service Center immediately to inform the details so that they can be properly handled. Do not consult non-professionals or disassemble the machine without authorization to avoid greater losses.

  12. Consumables for UV flatbed printers are not covered by the warranty. (For details, please refer to the UV printer manual)

  13. For the user who bought the inkjet printer, if you use the ink not specified by Dacen without authorization, it means that you give up the relevant warranty rights of the UV printer.

  14. For software and hardware upgrade services, fees will be charged in accordance with relevant regulations.

   15. If your mailing address changes, please notify us in time so that you can contact us when you need it.

  16. When repairing UV flatbed printers outside the warranty period, the repair fee will be charged according to the current repair fee standard.


   2. Summary of UV printer manufacturer Dacen

   The above is the entire content of "UV Flatbed Printer Manufacturer-Dacen Printer Maintenance Service General Principles", if you don't understand, please contact us.

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