How To Locate The Mobile Phone Case UV Printer?

- Oct 12, 2020-

Technical article: How to locate the mobile phone case UV printer?

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   Many mobile phone case manufacturers will need UV printers for positioning. This article will talk about how to locate the mobile phone case UV printer?


   1. How to locate the mobile phone case UV printer?

  A. Use a ruler to measure the area of the phone case: length and width;

  B. Make a picture frame on the computer according to the size of the phone case;

  C. Start the UV printer to print out the square frame of the phone case;

  D. Put the phone case inside the printed box.

  E. Start the UV flatbed printer to print the picture of the phone case that has been designed;

  F.UV flatbed printer automatically prints, and it stops automatically after printing. Positioning printing ends.


   2. Summary of UV printer manufacturer Dacen

   The above is the whole content of "Technology: How to locate the UV printer of mobile phone shell?", I hope to help you. Dacen is a manufacturer of UV printers, mobile phone case printers, acrylic printers and flatbed printers. Welcome to inquire Dacen.

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