UV Flatbed Printer Can Be Widely Used Conditions

- Jun 06, 2017-

1, UV flatbed printer can be on a variety of surfaces, no need to deal with imaging, in the print range is not restricted.

2, UV flatbed printer platform is large enough to adapt to a wide range of materials for printing, large format glass, ceiling, wall tiles, etc., UV flatbed printer can be flexible and applicable.

3, UV flatbed printer work fast enough, whether it is small batch proofing, or mass production, can be efficient, high quality to complete.

4, to meet the needs of personalized printing. UV flatbed printer as a new technology, will need to be based on the original technology has improved. UV flatbed printer than the traditional printing equipment, the biggest advantage is that the UV flatbed printer can flexibly print personalized graphics, graphics, color, lines and other aspects of unlimited, print out the product highly personalized.

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