How To Identify The Modified UV Flatbed Inkjet Machine

- Jun 06, 2017-

Modified uv flatbed printer features a:

Single nozzle printing, which is by the traditional Epson, Wu Tuo pictorial machine to retain the nose, remove the rack, add a platform assembly made of. Not only the printing speed is slow, and do not have relief, scrub, varnish and other special technology. The biggest drawbacks or poor stability, can not achieve more than three consecutive hours of continuous printing, frequent board error, can not identify the ink, can not meet the industrial mass production, and this nozzle because there is no industrial characteristics, nozzle prices Only a few thousand dollars, compared to professional UV flatbed printer hundreds of thousands of nozzle, said white, modified uv flatbed printer machine prices can not buy authentic inkjet printer nozzle money, and the service life is short, generally three to five Months have to update a nozzle.

Modified uv flat panel printer features two:

Printing a wide range of small, pictorial machine maximum 9880c print width of 1.118 meters. In the field of glass printing, specifications in 1.2 meters wide, 2 meters long glass, simply can not achieve full format printing. And the biggest drawback of small format printing equipment is the application of the scope of the field is too narrow, slightly larger material can not be printed, and regular uv flat panel printer can achieve more than 5 meters long print, and can print a variety of materials, from 1-100mm thickness can be achieved high-speed stable printing.

Modified uv flatbed printer features three:

Ink can not be achieved that is dry, which is caused by its water-based ink itself, must be in the ink and printed matter between the layers of media, and the need to bake dried in order to complete the entire printing process, and regular uv flat panel printer Is uv curing green ink, and then with the UV lamp can be achieved that is dry.

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