The Reason And Solution Of The Character Misplaced In The UV Printer

- Aug 07, 2017-

         When using a UV printer, we will inevitably encounter a variety of problems. These will not only affect the progress of our production, but also easy to damage the machine. For example, when we are printing, the characters were misplacing, will lead to all products which are printing will be scrapped. Character misplaced more caused by the failure of the machine, so what is the specific cause? How can we solve this problem?


      There are some reasons of the character misplaced. First, the print head of UV printer misplaced; Second, when we are printing, print head hit the machine. Print head collision is the main reason leading to the character misplaced, improper operation or material uneven are very easy to cause nozzle collision.

         When we encounter characters misplaced, we can calibrate the print head by using the "Print Calibration Program" on the device, if you can not solve the problem, you can also solve the problem by setting the print method to one-way printing, but this will affect the speed of printing, and there will be some changes in the effect of printing.

        The above is the reason and solution of the character misplaced, if the above methods can not solve the problem, to contact the factory in time for get the technical support.

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