Does The UV Flatbed Printer Meet The Needs Of The Printing Market?

- Jul 26, 2017-

UV printer is perfectly combine UV curing ink with digital printing technology. Its emergence has been widely recognized by customers. The work efficiency and inkjet quality of UV printer is very high, the beautiful pattern can be printed on a variety of materials, not only can print soft materials, but also to the direction of diversification, such as glass, wood, floor tiles, ceilings, ceramics and other materials, is the development trend of digital printing technology. Using the technology, you can achieve to print what you want to print, high speed and good resolution. Not only has the advantages of ordinary printing machine, but also to achieve a multi-purpose machine, it’s a good complement for screen printing industry. Materials that were previously required to be printed by screen printing machine, now it can be immediately printed by UV printers. With high production efficiency, save time and reduce production costs and other advantages.


The another benefit of UV printer is that it can bring new business opportunities to us, due to the diversity of printed materials, it has a wider application areas, to meet the demand of customers in the various industries.


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