UV Curing Ink’s Advantage

- Aug 05, 2017-

The unique advantage of ink that printers use is distinguishable from traditional chemical inks, not only greatly improving the application areas and value-added products, but also in line with national policy and industry development requirements. With the development of recent  several years , UV printer ink performance has been quite mature, the advantages shown in the following three aspects.


1: Strong adhesion with good weather resistance. The advantage of strong adhesion makes continuous expansion of the printing field , but also reduces the actual printing process of the application of coating, reducing the unnecessary production processes and cost expenditures. Good weather resistance is reflected on the outdoor, will not fall off or fade suffer from the wind and rain for three years , the color is still realistic and clear.

2: Green, non-pollution. It is not only beneficial to the health of the operator, but also to the printing and dyeing products without pungent odor, widely used in food packaging printing. In recent years, many domestic manufacturers frequently export to the EU countries to expand the consumer market.

3: It will be dry at once, no need baking drying. The traditional baking box is not only expensive, but also strict to the the surrounding environment, most need dust-free workshop, and caused the high rate of scrap of finished product . The new UV ink is instantly dried by the UV lamp, reducing the processing link.


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