The Selection Of UV Printer Ink

- Aug 04, 2017-

UV printer ink is one of the indispensable supplies of UV printer when printing, which in the normal operation of the machine spare parts, protecting the ink bag, print head and other printing systems, and in guaranteeing printing pattern color, color saturation and other quality , plays a vital role. And it is also very important in customers choosing UV printer ink .


The best choice of UV printer ink is that provided by the original equipment manufacturers, because the ink from original equipment manufacturers has been tested for a long time with various parameters to ensure that the indicators can achieve the actual production requirements.And it is designed for customers who has purchased UV printer.Only the ink adapt to the performance of UV printer operation, can print the best effect product. Then, there are a lot of choices of UV printer on the market with various types of print head and ink system, and equipment in the selection of ink is compatible, UV printer itself is designed to adapt to the UV curing ink, if using other types of ink, not only can not achieve the quality of the printing effect, but also may occur ink disconnection or other circumstances, it is because no ink is a panacea, not every ink is applicable to any printer. So in the choice of UV printer ink, it is advised to purchase the ink from original equipment manufacturers .


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