The Method To Solve The Print Head Of UV Flatbed Printer Drop Ink

- Aug 03, 2017-

UV flatbed printer in the course of work, it will inevitably produce some episodes, such as drop ink, etc. If you encounter this situation, do not worry, to distinguish the situation, and then to solve it according to different conditions.


1.To confirm if all the nozzles drop ink, if this is the case, It is estimated that there is a problem with negative pressure, it may be negative pressure is low. This time, to adjust the negative pressure to the state without ink droplet.

2. some nozzles drop ink. For example, one of the red or blue nozzle drop ink, if this is the case, you can determine the entire machine's negative pressure system is no problem, may be there is a problem with filter of separate nozzle or some negative pressure is leak. Exclusion method is to unplug the trachea of the negative pressure valve, and then fold, do not let the air enter in it. This time, to see if the nozzle drop ink drop down, if there is, there is a problem with the second half of trachea or filter, can be resolved by replacing the filter; if not, that is the valve at the leak, check the valve connection.

The above two cases, you can basically eliminate the UV flatbed printer drop ink problem, hoping to help everyone.

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