The Method Of Testing The UV Printer White Ink

- Jul 27, 2017-

       White ink in the printing process, there are three points, one is to improve the adhesion of pattern, make It can be saved for a long time; the second is to increase the sense of embossment and layering, Hands touch, can feel the surface rugged; third is to enhance the printing effect, In dark material or backlit material, make it look brighter.


      Test Method 1:

      Test adhesion of the white ink. It is common practice to put materials which print on white ink (such as glass, tiles, etc.) into the water for soaking, 2 hours later, take the material out with your fingers to scraping, if you can gently scrape off, the adhesion and waterproof of white ink is poor, need to replace the new white ink.


      Test Method 2:

      Test compatibility. Select the commonly used glass coating, metal coating to wipe the surface of the substrate, and then print white ink; or covered with varnish in the surface of white ink to observe whether appear foam, dissolved in the surface of the pattern. If so, the compatibility of white ink is poor, need to replace the new white ink.


      Test Method 3:

      Test purity. The purity of white ink affects the life of the print head and the effect of the printed pattern. If the white ink contains a lot of impurities, it will gradually accumulate in the internal channel of the print head in the later use, after a long time, it will lead to clogging scrapped. The test method is to place the filter at the exit, dump another empty bottle, find the filter sediment, If there is more sediment, it proves that the purity is poor.

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