What Are The Advantages Of UV Printer LED Lights

- Jul 05, 2017-

With the continuous improvement of UV printers, so that UV printers become an indispensable part of the printing industry, today we say that why LED lamp is the most used for UV printer? Has it any advantage?


1. The application is very flexible. Can be made point light source, line light source, surface light source of various forms of thin and small products.

2. Better environmental benefits. As the spectrum is not infrared, no heat, is a typical green light source. Waste can be recycled without pollution.

3. Control is very convenient. Just adjust the current, you can freely dimmer. The combination of different light color changes, the use of timing sequence control circuit, can achieve a variety of dynamic changes in the effect.

4. Using imported Japanese UV lamp, a single lamp beads power to 7W, the printing process will not produce yin and yang color, with a long life, warranty for one year.

The above is some advantages of UV printer LED lights, Using LED lights, also can quickly solidify the printed pattern and text.

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