Flatbed Printer Print On Glass With Embossing Effect

- Jul 05, 2017-

Flatbed printer print on glass with embossing effect


For printing on the glass with embossing effect, a lot of flatbed printer manufacturers don’t have enough technical strength , so that the order like this dare not to receive, missed a lot of opportunities to obtain profits.

The effect of embossing printed on glass is generally used as a decoration of the house, since it is an ornament, requirements of the accuracy is high, to achieve this effect, the resolution of the print head is very high. Toshiba is of the high resolution, printing on the glass with embossing effect can fully meet the customers’ requirements. At the same time, Toshiba print head has a highly cost effective, can use for more than two years, while the price is relatively cheap, less than a thousand dollars.

Given the accuracy, price and practicality, the Toshiba flatbed printer are with more advantages, much suitable for high resolution glass decoration printing


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