Teach You How To Distinguish Whether The UV Printer Is Used As A Refurbishing Machine.

- Jun 27, 2018-

Domestic UV flatbed printer from the start to now, has experienced more than 10 years of history, at present, the majority of the market is the main products with Toshiba series print heads, of course, some manufacturers are still in the production of the Seiko spray head,Konica brand print head, EPSON print head and so on. From the perspective of historical development, EPSON UV printers are entering the domestic market as early as possible. With continuous application, the technology of jet printer has not been retained in China. Most UV printer manufacturers are basically rebuilt with the original EPSON head.

However, in order to gain greater profits, some manufacturers use EPSON's old printer to produce UV printers and then flow into the market at lower prices, leading to chaotic market prices. Many of the newly joined factories have bought the refurbishing machine, because they are cheap and good, and there will be a variety of problems in the near future, which will make the business in trouble and lose more cost.

So how do we tell the difference between new machines and refurbishing machines?

We can see from four aspects:

One, Appearance

The manufacturing of the UV printer is perfect. It's hard to see what's wrong with the appearance. But as long as it is a refurbishing machine, no matter how the manufacturer covers it, it can still see some traces of its use.

Two, cross beam

When the UV printer's refurbishment runs, we can see the use of the 3refurbishment on the beam, which is not possible in the original UV printer.

Three. Print head

As we all know, the life of UV printers is not likely to last more than two years. If you buy a refurbishing machine, you will believe that all kinds of problems of print head will soon appear. Because the print head of the refurbishment machine is used for a long time, its service life is greatly reduced.

Four. Running sound

Usually, the new UV printer creats small volume of noise when it's printing. And the retread machine, because of the previous use, the wire rod inside , guide and other parts produced a fixed wear, in the operation will produce some noise, as long as you pay attention to it, you can notice.

The UV printer is the economic lifeline of the printing enterprise. It determines whether the printing industry will go downhill or backward in the industrial competition. So I hope your friends, whether new or old machine, we wish you to shine your eyes and not cause huge losses in the future because of greed and cheap. It's not worth it.

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