High drop UV Flatbed Printer Can Be Applied In What Industry?

- Oct 26, 2019-

  Common uv flat printer application industry has been very extensive, such as PVC, plastic, ceramic tile background wall, integrated wallboard, apple android mobile phone shell, KT board, acrylic and so on there are a lot of industry applications, so these industry applications have one thing in common, that is, the difference is not more than 5mm.In the flat printer development in the past 10 years, in addition to the uv printer speed technology in constantly update, the appearance of the uv tablet more and more and more professional, became a large flat-panel printers print bump products technical challenges, break through the print head cannot be obtained in the past due to technical depth in more than 5 mm, so cause a lot of high head products industry unable to improve on the production efficiency.

So high and low head uv flat printer can be used in what industry?That is high gap between uv flat-panel printers, print material must divide the necessary elements, regardless of high or low, then the printing material of irregular concave and convex shape as well as the characteristic, then here will be able to let everybody very much association, a high head plate printer could extend to the industry application of became very rich, such as the most common shoes, sandals and so on concave and convex surface of the deeper shoes has become a high uv flat-panel printers fall the most perfect printing material.


There are also very common on the market of all kinds of irregular children's toys, irregular concave and convex surface of all kinds of products.Here small make up special want to say about uv flat-panel printers that a piece of children's toys, children's toys before the manufacturer for all kinds of cartoon design printing on the surface of the toy in the form of a sticker to complete this process, especially in the case of mass production of toys, in addition to please a lot of work in the design of sticker decals on the assembly line workers, but for a lot of printed stickers, cartoon design could not reach the requirements of environmental protection at the same time, time-consuming fee manpower cost and so on various factors that lead to a large number of large toy manufacturers cannot support the expensive cost,So eventually a lot of toy manufacturers closed down.


The emergence of high head plate printer completely will be a way out of the toy manufacturing industry, industry the huge demand is also obvious, therefore, a high head universal printer does not need a lot of people, after all, operation, and a print the number of a plate can be up to 20 pairs, a few back and forth to print out the pattern, and the cost of printing ink is very cheap, so the customer need only one tablet printer cost plus one or two of the uv printer operator can conduct daily production work, and uv flat-panel printers can best efficiency can work 24 hours a day,Personnel can also be arranged to take turns on duty. In such a high-intensity production environment, the production cost becomes very low and the production efficiency can be at least multiple times compared with the previous production speed.

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