Precautions For Operating UV Printer

- Mar 06, 2021-

  What are the precautions for operating UV printers?Since UV flatbed printers are sensitive to static electricity,the ground wire of the equipment should be handled at one time under the guidance of the installer.In addition,it is necessary to check the wear and tear regularly to ensure that there is no open circuit,short circuit and signal interference phenomenon.When operating the control panel or print head,you need to cut off the main power supply of the flatbed printer and take anti-static measures.When clicking on the charged type,the trolley cannot be pushed,otherwise various dislocations are prone to occur.Before printing,the files in the computer system should be processed immediately to ensure that the hard disk has enough space to prevent unnecessary printing interruptions or errors due to computer crashes.Ensure that there is no leakage at each tube interface of the ink supply system,check whether the ink supply of the ink cartridge is normal,ensure that there is no air leakage at the ink supply tube interface of the nozzle,and the ink in the ink supply tube does not bubble,so as to avoid insufficient ink supply or ink leakage.happened.

  One.Precautions for operating UV printer

  1.UV flatbed printers have many specifications,including large and medium-sized formats.First,choose the printing width.The color function of UV flatbed printers is almost the same.The printing length is up to 3 meters,but the printing width is relatively limited,generally from 20 centimeters to less than 1.8 meters.Its printing width limits the printed product specifications.If you want to make good use of UV flatbed printers or if you want to use UV flatbed printers to develop printing business and service projects,choose a large format,because the printer has a large format,less restricted materials and is suitable for mass production.

  2.The UV flatbed printer is a kind of"non-contact with the object",through the piezoelectric method of inkjet printing equipment,it can carry out color patterns on the surface of any flat material,and it can also print on concave and convex materials,such as corrugated board,corrugated paper And so on,the printing speed is fast,one-time molding,UV light curing,instant drying.

  Two.Summary of Dacen,a manufacturer of UV flatbed printers

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