Can UV Flatbed Printers Be Customized?

- Mar 09, 2021-

  Can UV flatbed printers be customized?Dacen definitely tells you that it can be customized.The UV printer has a wide size and some special function requirements can be customized,but some cannot be achieved.The specific communication with business technology shall prevail.

  One.Can UV flatbed printers be customized?

  1.The size of the uv printer can be customized,but this is limited.It is not as big as you want to be,and there are technical requirements.

  2.For the wide area,the 6m-7m large ones currently on the market,no matter how large it is,it will be difficult;

  3.For the height,usually 60 centimeters is already very high,and basically no more than 80 centimeters.

  4.If the material is special and the size is quite different from the commonly used machine model,then you can customize the print size of the uv printer according to your needs,so it seems that there is no fixed value for how big the uv printer can print.

  Two.UV flatbed printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  The above is"Can the UV flatbed printer be customized?"The content is actually very simple.I don't know if it can be customized.The phone and business can clearly explain their requirements,and the business will tell if they can be customized.

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