Precautions For Disassembly And Assembly Of UV Flat Printer Nozzles

- Feb 19, 2021-

  Pay attention to when disassembling and installing the nozzle of UV flatbed printer.Many times you will replace the nozzle of UV printer yourself.You need to pay attention to many points when using the nozzle of UV printer.Therefore,if the nozzle fails,do not operate blindly,as it will easily cause damage.If there is a problem with the nozzle,be careful when repairing or installing it.If you are not familiar with universal printers,it is recommended that you still find a professional to solve it,or seek help from the manufacturer to avoid unnecessary losses.In this article,Dacen editor will talk about the matters needing attention when disassembling the nozzle of UV flatbed printer.

  One,Precautions for disassembly and assembly of UV flat printer nozzles

  1.Manual pumping

  If the general UV printer has led out the waste ink tube,we can turn off the machine power,use a syringe with a rubber tube to draw the waste ink tube until 3-5 ml of ink is drawn,then start the machine,and then usually use the machine to clean it once.However,it is easy to cause ink accumulation in the cleaning pump.

UV printer

  2.When inserting the universal UV printer head cable,please do not bring ink.Make sure it is in good contact with the socket,and do not touch the feet.Otherwise,the nozzle may short circuit and burn.

  3.Pay attention to install the flatbed printer nozzle

  Before installing the nozzle,turn off the UV printer and turn off the power.After installation,gently push the car to the left and right by hand to check whether the car is running smoothly,and then start the machine after powering on.We take care not to energize the car immediately before the installation is complete,because if the sprinkler is not installed in place and the car moves,the sprinkler will be smashed and damaged.The hands feel that it can be stretched and placed freely,with strong controllability.Therefore,it is necessary to perform manual testing first.

  4.Because the surface layer of the nozzle of the UV flat printer is aluminum plate,and the inner layer is covered with a small ink tube and a crystal oscillator,it is very fragile and will not be touched.Once touched,it will deform,become concave or even break,and the nozzle will break,so it needs to be replaced.

  Two,UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  If the UV printer nozzle fails,we need to clean it according to the situation and pay attention to maintenance in daily work.This will involve the disassembly and assembly of the nozzle.However,please do not be reckless when removing the nozzle,otherwise the nozzle will be damaged.The above is the whole content of"Precautions for disassembly and assembly of UV flat printer nozzles",I hope to help you.

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