Not All UV Flatbed Printers Require Coating

- Feb 18, 2021-

  Not all UV flatbed printers require coating.Many products can be printed directly without coating,and the printing will not fade.This article will specifically talk about it.

  One,not all UV flatbed printers require coating

  1.The coating-free flatbed printer is based on the ordinary flatbed printer with UV lamps and the use of UV ink to increase the adhesion of the article,and other usage methods,operating steps,printing functions,etc.and ordinary uv flatbed printers are the same.Coating-free flatbed printers mainly rely on the characteristics of UV inks.When printing,UV inks are rapidly solidified and imaged under the irradiation of UV lamps,without the phenomenon of ink scattering.Flatbed printers use UV ink to print,although the spray layer is omitted,the printed items can be placed for a much longer time than ordinary printers,and it is more trouble-free than ordinary UV printers,saves worry and reduces production costs.

UV printer

  2.UV printer printing these materials,need coating:glass;glazed tiles;metal;imported acrylic and other special surface varnish or processed materials.The purpose of wiping the coating is to improve the adhesion of the pattern so that it is not easy to fade and fall off.

  Two.UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

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