Method For Detecting Nozzle Of Cylinder Printer

- Feb 24, 2021-

  Cylinder printer nozzle is a very important part,this article will talk about the detection method of cylindrical printer nozzle.

  One,cylinder printer nozzle detection method

  1.Remove the cylindrical UV printer nozzle first,and be careful not to scratch the surface of the nozzle when removing the nozzle.

  2.Use a glass syringe to extract about 40ml of special cleaning fluid,and inject it from the ink supply pipe connection at the upper end of the cylindrical UV printer nozzle.Pay attention to the water line sprayed from the nozzle.If all the water lines are straight,Indicating that the cleaning is reasonable,and this nozzle can be used again(Note:The prerequisite is that the power supply circuit and the piezoelectric crystal are intact.)

  3.If the manual ink injection cleaning still cannot be handled,the common faults of nozzle blockage can be treated by soaking method.Pour appropriate special cleaning liquid into the neat glassware to swallow the bottom of the nozzle after putting it into the nozzle 2~2mm is appropriate,and then use a fresh-keeping bag to seal the glassware(to prevent dust)and leave it for 1 day.Pay attention to the data signal socket on the top of the print head and do not touch the cleaning fluid,otherwise it will damage the print head.

  Two,Summary of the cylindrical UV printer manufacturer Dacen

  When there is a problem with the cylindrical UV printer nozzle,first check the ink supply system,such as the printer cartridge,ink tube,ink bag and ink volume.First,check whether the ink in the printer cartridge is not enough,whether the ink tube is leaking or damaged;second,check whether the ink sac is damaged.If there is no problem with the cylindrical printer parts,then the customer can use the built-in ink pumping and cleaning nozzles of the flatbed printer to actually clean them two or three times,and then print a test strip to see if it is normal.If you still don’t understand,you can contact Dacen customer service at any time.

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