Dacen Cylinder Printer,easy To Operate

- Feb 23, 2021-

  Dacen cylindrical printer,simple operation,automatic height measurement,anti-collision function,etc.The collision sensor technology of the nozzle of the cylindrical UV printer can identify and stop working in the case of inputting the wrong material thickness or material deformation,etc.Remind the operator,so as to prevent the nozzle from being damaged,and after resetting,you can continue printing from the previous printing position.

  One,cylindrical printer is easy to operate

  1.The user-friendly operation on the cylinder UV printer is not just a matter of talk.For example,it is equipped with beam sensing systems at both ends of the locomotive.Once a worker accidentally breaks into the beam range,the machine will slow down until it stops,reducing any Possible accidents.

cylinder UV printer

  2.The powerful blowing and suction system makes you feel like you have magic when moving bulky sheets.With the help of the blowing function,you only need to move a finger to move a piece of 100kg glass.The independently controlled partitioned suction platform can be divided into two parts,the suction force and the switch can be automatically adjusted,as long as there is enough negative pressure during the printing process,noise and energy consumption can be reduced as much as possible.

  Two,Summary of the cylinder printer manufacturer Dacen

  The above is the content of"Dacen cylindrical printer,easy to operate".If you have a cylindrical UV printer,a vacuum flask printer,and a cylindrical printer,you can call Dacen directly.

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