Metal Printer's Advantage

- Aug 09, 2017-

Metal printers are no longer using the traditional printing mode and method, no longer the past simple manual operation and craft printing, it is connected with the higher technical content of the computer, combined with automated control technology, can print on the accurate place where need to be printed, to avoid the problem that the location is offset caused by the manual printing. Because it is one-time multi-color printing, so there is no problem of color matching. These advantages can also be combined with engraving, etching and other processes, on the carved area print a beautiful picture, or do precise etching after printing.


Metal printer can not only print on the texture of tough crystal, stone, metal, glass and other materials , but also can print on soft texture of leather, cloth, cotton and other materials; it can print not only on the inorganic , but also on the complex , protean organic materials. It has more more compatibility, the use of mental printer avoids choosing materials of the screen printing, water transfer printing, but also to avoid the damage of the thermal transfer to leather, cloth, cotton and other organic material. It caters to the various needs of markets, so that can provide users with a more comprehensive production services.


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