Inkjet Printer Is Easy To Block Small Knowledge Maintenance(一)

- Jun 25, 2018-

Industry news

Small knowledges of UV printer clogging maintenance.

The size of the ink particles in the UV inkjet printer is large. After a long time, ink affects the  nozzle and print image. The wear and ink accumulation of printers will affect the quality of printing images in a long term. Therefore, the correct choice of ink and proper maintenance of printer is a problem that UV inkjet printer users should not ignore.

Therefore, the user should first choose good  ink. The quality of the ink determines the quality of the printed image and determines the service life of the printer. The complexity of UV printing ink production , many users can only meet the ink continuous printing, and choose the "cheap and fine" ink. Poor printing ink not only prints chromatic aberration, roughness, gloss, but also tends to cause nozzle tilting and clogging. Poor quality ink also has a certain degree of corrosiveness. It is easy to damage the nozzle and reduce the service life of the nozzle. In this case, users are advised to use manufacturer's ink.

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