Cell Phone Case Universal Printer Manufacturer

- Jun 20, 2018-

Cell phone case universal printer manufacturer

    To the standard of quality judgement, industry has its many summaries. For instance,from printing precision and printing stability to embodiment and so on. Of course, the quality of equipment can not be ignored in the production of materials, operation noise and other aspects.

    The most basic of the UV tablet printers is to see the printing quality of the equipment. The printing of the UV flatbed printer pays attention to the reduction of a color, the better the reducibility, the higher the quality of the product. When buying UV printers, some customers require color cards, which will better reflect the professionalism of manufacturers in color management.

    Also, About UV flatbed printer, when printing, there must be no "wire drawing" phenomenon. There are two reasons for drawing. One is that the ink is not fluent enough, and the two is that the sprinkler has been damaged. Therefore, many manufacturers will provide manufacturers with original ink when they sell their equipment, and individuals also suggest that users try to use the original ink consumables as far as possible. If manufacturers do not have enough fluency, it will be difficult to make good products after purchase. At present, the new industrial print head is the Toshiba print head. The Toshiba nozzle is an industrial type printing nozzle. It has a long service life and is generally in 24 months -36 months. The printing quality and the color definition are extremely high . The reduction degree is not the same as other print heads. The most important point is that the UV printer with Toshiba print head can operate continuously for 24 hours *7 days, and it will not plug. 

    Purchase machinery and equipment, users want the smaller the noise, the better. The reason is very simple. The smaller the noise, the smaller the friction between components, the better the coordination between parts. The same choice of UV flat-panel printers is so, the louder the noise of the UV flatbed printer, the heavier the friction between the machine parts, the larger the friction, the faster the wear and tear of the UV flat printer, the louder the sound, it is possible that there will be some problems in the design, assembly, or part matching of the UV flat printer, and the UV plate printer life expectancy may be affected, and people who work in noisy environments will suffer some health damage.

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