How To Maintain The Bottle Printer During The Holidays?

- Feb 23, 2021-

  How to maintain the bottle printer during the holidays? During the holidays, the bottle UV printer is generally not working. How to maintain it?

   One. How to maintain the bottle printer during holidays?

   1. Keep the bottle UV printer storage environment dry and pay attention to ventilation! Do a good job in fire prevention, insect prevention, rodent prevention, moisture prevention, and moisture prevention;

  2. Remove the bottle UV printer ink sac from the top of the nozzle, add an appropriate amount of alcohol to the ink cartridge and shake it, draw out the alcohol from the ink sac with a syringe until it is rinsed; wrap the ink sac with plastic wrap;

  3. Pour out the ink from the bottle printer cartridge, put it in a special ink bottle and store it at a storage temperature of 0-40 degrees Celsius;

  4. Rinse the nozzle of the bottle UV printer with a syringe, and inject an appropriate amount of special protective liquid; add an appropriate amount of special moisturizing liquid to the ink absorption pad, and the machine is energized to control the car to the moisturizing position to moisturize the nozzle;

  5. Pour out the pure water in the water-cooled box of the UV lamp to prevent stagnation and scale formation;

  6. Cut off all power sources of the bottle UV printer, unplug all power cords and USB data cable plugs, roll them up and place them away from the ground;

  7. If the bottle printer is not used for a long time, please move the X axis of the machine to the Y origin position;

   8. Spray anti-rust oil (WD-40) on the X/Y/Z axis guide rails; prevent long-term use of rust;

   9. Close the trolley cover and electric cabinet door; cover the protective bag of the equipment to prevent the dust layer from entering.

   Two. Summary of bottle printer manufacturer Dacen

   The above is the whole content of "How do I maintain the bottle printer during holidays?", I hope to help you.

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