Code Of Practice For Bottle Printer

- Feb 22, 2021-

  Good operation methods and operating skills can increase the service life of the bottle printer and avoid some unnecessary failures.In this article,Dacen will talk about the matters needing attention during the operation of the bottle UV printer.

  One.Code of Practice for Bottle Printer

  1.The lamp cannot be put into production immediately after turning on the lamp.There must be a period of lamp warm-up time.When the temperature is high in summer,the warm-up time is short;when the temperature is low in winter,the warm-up time is longer,and the warm-up time takes about 2-3 minutes.If the UV machine has a strong and weak light device,the lamp should be turned on in the strong light position,which can shorten the lamp warm-up time.If low light is required during production,it can be adjusted to the low light position after the warm-up is completed.

bottle printer

  2.Ultraviolet rays can damage the eyes and skin.Please do not look directly at the surface of the lamp when turning on the light,and do not let the ultraviolet rays irradiate the skin.

  3.Speedselection method:Pass the product through the UV curing device at a certain speed.If it is cured,increase the speed until the product passing through the curing device just cannot be cured.The speed at this time is multiplied by 0.8 to be a good speed.

  4.During the use of the UV lamp,clean the surface of the lamp tube and the reflector plate on the surface of the reflector with absolute ethanol and gauze at an appropriate time(1-2 months),and then rotate the UV lamp tube 180°C.The lampshade reflector should be replaced after it loses its mirror effect.

  5.Also pay attention to the use time of the UV lamp.As the use time of the UV lamp prolongs,the energy will attenuate and the speed will also slow down accordingly.

  Two.Summary of bottle printer manufacturer Dacen

  The above is the entire content of"Knowledge:Bottle Printer Operating Rules",I hope to help you.

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