How To Choose A Cylinder Printer Manufacturer?

- Jan 18, 2021-

   Cylindrical printers have not appeared for a long time. So, when our vacuum flasks, wine bottles, stainless steel cups, and cosmetic bottles need UV custom processing, how do UV printer manufacturers choose?

   One. How to choose a cylinder printer manufacturer?

  1. Choose a cylinder printer that suits the user's printing consumables

Generally, the cylindrical printer is composed of the following accessories. Once these are done, it is easy to handle. Usually there are nozzles (mainly divided into Epson and Ricoh nozzles), as well as printing motherboards, racks, guide rails, screw rods, and drag chains. , Motors, etc. How many square meters can be printed per hour, the color effect of the printing, and the stability of the printing. It is recommended that customers pay attention to these when choosing, and also have a sample on site.

cylinder printer (10)

   2. Cylinder UV printer manufacturer recommendation and analysis

   You can search for cylinder printer manufacturers on the Internet, you can find Shenzhen Dacen cylinder printers, and you can directly contact our business manager when you enter the official website. Customers recommended here can come to our large manufacturers to see them on the spot. If you want to find a large manufacturer, leave the middle This is the Internet age. Customers can look at our Longrun Dacen to get a general idea of the strength of our source manufacturers. There are many ready-made machines in the factory. Customers can visit and inspect at will. It is helpful to make your own choice. Secondly, after coming to our factory, you can conduct on-site inspection and comparison, such as how many years the factory has been established, how strong is it, what is the technology research and development capabilities, how many engineers, and whether the after-sales service is good. After the comparison, you will know how to choose.

   Two. Summary of the cylindrical UV printer manufacturer Dacen

   Many manufacturers and even individuals now own and use cylindrical UV printers. Cylindrical UV printers can be applied to vacuum flasks, wine bottles, stainless steel cups, cosmetic bottles and other industries.

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