How Does The Cylindrical Printer Save Production Costs?

- Jan 16, 2021-

  How does a cylindrical printer save production costs?When printing a cylinder,ink is generally consumed.So,how to save production cost?

  One.How can a cylindrical printer save production costs?

  1.DPI,which is the resolution,in simple terms,the number of inkjet dots per square,the more dots you eject,the fuller the picture,the greater the amount of ink you consume,and the difference in the number of dots can be half the difference Much.

  2.Whether or not to spray white ink.At present,the glass on the market needs to be sprayed with a white background,and there is also a process of spraying white paint.The price of white UV ink is generally higher than that of color UV ink.Layer white ink,the cost of this will be higher.

  3.If the cylinder printer prints full-scale color patterns,the cost of printing ink is about 6-7 yuan,and the embossing effect is more expensive.If you do the background wall,it is not recommended to print reliefs.You can buy a sandblasting machine to engrave and print the patterns.

  Two.Summary of cylinder printer manufacturer Dacen

  With the rapid development of technology and the individualized and rapid demand of the market,more and more manufacturers apply cylindrical printers in production.Cylindrical printer manufacturers buy flatbed printers to improve production efficiency,reduce production costs,and quickly make profits,and they are concerned about how to make profits.This article is the content of"How to save the production cost of cylinder printer?"I hope to help you.

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