Why to buy a UV flatbed printer

- Sep 21, 2017-

1.Economy: Low running cost. The main consuming material of this kind printer is ink. 1 litre ink can be printed for 80 flat materials. The printing cost is 80% lower than traditional process.
2.Efficient: 1) One person and one machine do all the printing jobs, reducing the process steps and saving production time. 2) Ink can solidify and dry immediately during printing.
3.Ecology: UV ink without any volatile organic solvent, no air pollution, no harm to human body, friendly to environment.
4.Personalization: It can print customized pictures for any clients, even print one by one (one client booking one product will be never a problem). By this customized process you will earn an extra profit, but without any extra cost.
5.Colors are not easy to lose: After the UV ink get solidified, it is not easy to drop even by scraping. Colors can be kept on the surface of material for more than 10 years indoor,5 years outdoor.

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