What a UV Flatbed printer can do

- Sep 21, 2017-

   UV Flatbed printer not only works like normal inkjet printers on papers, but also prints on other soft and rigid materials, such as Aluminum, PVC, tile, glass, metal panel, plastic panel etc. It is widely used in Advertising industry.
   The print theory of UV flatbed print kind of like normal printers: a print head fixed on a beam, moves left and right, jet color inks on printing medium. The difference between a normal inkjet printer and UV flatbed printer: normal printers only can work on papers and small printing bed, like HP inkjet printer; but UV flatbed printer is not limited by the type and size of printing materials. It can print on small characters  items, or print big pictures on thick and wide board. So its application is not limited in paper printing industry, instead,it can be used in many other fields. especially used in advertising field to improve production efficiency.


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