Why the UV flatbed printer can save cost?

- Oct 26, 2017-

The first reason is the stable performance, stable performance of UV flatbed print is mainly reflected in two aspects, firstly the frame structure of the machine is very sturdy, secondly the software performance is stable and walks accurately. The stability of the printer extends the service life of the printer and reduces the cost of maintenance.
The second reason UV flatbed printing can save the cost of the machine is its high efficiency, high efficiency reflected in it can print all color at a time, you can complete more printing in the same period and customers can directly take the products without waiting it dry.

uv printer 3d.jpg

The third reason why UV flatbed printing can save costs is its intelligence. Combining smart concepts with traditional tools has become a new consumption trend now. Intelligent completely use the computer to control the operation of the machine, which reduced lot of tedious procedures, directly improved the efficiency of production.
The fourth reason UV flatbed printing can save the cost is its low labor cost, the first change we can see is that the operation can be completed by one person alone, the printing can be completed fast through the control of the computer.

uv flatbed printer.jpg

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