How to understand the PASS of the uv printer

- Oct 17, 2017-

PASS is to print a line for a few times, the more times it print, the better the quality. For example, 3PASS is a line to be printed for 3 times. How many PASS it use to print can be understood as a picture that to be printed for how many times, that is to say how many parts the print head will be divided into, overlapping coverage, the larger the PASS,the better the effect.Because the material can absorb ink in different time, the effect will be more delicate,.It can be divided in to several pass in the same resolution, that is to say the resolution of the output effect has no relation to the pass, only fine level will be better.For example, a picture with two PASS output, the print head is divided into two parts to cover pictures.

uv flatbed printer (2).jpg

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