Why not recommend buying a second-hand UV flatbed printer?

- Jan 28, 2021-

  Because of the low price of second-hand UV printers,many customers have chosen second-hand printers.Dacen alone received a lot of calls in one month to inquire about the operation and after-sales service,because the purchase is a second-hand machine,which is more or less in use.There will be some problems that non-professionals themselves do not know how to solve.In fact,as a UV printer manufacturer,Dacen does not recommend that you buy a second-hand UV printer.In addition to the more affordable price at the time of purchase,there are too many uncertain factors,bad luck,and the later maintenance costs may not be as cost-effective as buying a new one..

  One.Why not recommend buying a second-hand UV flatbed printer?

  1.Second-hand UV flatbed printer,no matter what the reason,the seller will not tell you the real reason,maybe you bought an original second-hand UV printer,if the equipment you buy from the second-hand seller does not use original accessories,this It's even worse.

  2.The price of a second-hand UV flatbed printer may be more expensive than a new machine?Why do you say that,do you believe it?The core part of the UV flatbed printer is the nozzle.All the used UV flatbed printers have been used,and the nozzle will take a period of time.To replace the nozzle,a good dot nozzle costs tens of thousands of yuan.If you add the refurbishment of the UV printer,ask someone to guide the research,etc.In fact,the total cost is very expensive.

  3.UV flatbed printer is a kind of machine and equipment,which is naturally inseparable from the manufacturer's after-sales service.It is normal for machines and equipment to have problems,and the key is how to solve them after they occur.If you buy a second-hand UV flatbed printer,it is almost impossible for the manufacturer to provide you with after-sales service and training guidance,which will obviously increase some additional costs,which is not a small expense.

  4.The general after-sales service of second-hand machines is not guaranteed,because the UV printer manufacturer is only responsible for its own customers in principle.Of course,there is no problem during the warranty period.

  Two.UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

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