How to choose a UV flatbed printer?

- Feb 10, 2021-

  How to choose UV flatbed printer?In fact,when purchasing a UV printer,pay special attention to the choice of nozzles.

  One.How to choose the nozzle of UV flatbed printer?

  1.Ricoh print heads:The print heads with fast printing speeds currently on the market have the disadvantage of slightly lower accuracy,but now the G5 print heads launched by Ricoh have high accuracy and can meet customers with high precision requirements,so this type of print head machine is now sold The better machine.

  2.Epson nozzles:the long-selling nozzle type in the domestic market,the accuracy is high among all nozzles,and the physical accuracy can reach 3.54PL.Of course,the accuracy is too high,and the speed is relatively slow.This type of nozzle is suitable for output The requirements are not high,but for customers who require high precision,many manufacturers on the market may say that Epson nozzles are not used,which is only a relative point of view.

  Epson nozzles are commercial nozzles,and Seiko,Ricoh or Konica nozzles are all industrial nozzles.Compared with these three types,Epson nozzles are not so durable in theory,but a large part of the service life of the nozzles is related to the structure of the machine.The matching of the software is related.On the other hand,Epson print heads have an advantage in price among all print heads,so I won’t introduce this one.Interested customers can consult the author.

  Two.UV printer hardware selection

  Except for the UV printer nozzles,the rest are some hardware facilities,such as the boards,guide rails,beams and motors of the UV printer,but these parts are very important,but the big manufacturers are basically the same,not because of these small parts To lose your reputation,so if you are interested,you can contact the author privately at no charge.

  Three,UV flatbed printer manufacturers choose

  To choose a suitable UV printer,in addition to the machine itself,a reliable manufacturer is also important,because the choice of a machine is actually in two aspects,namely the machine and the after-sales service.Although the quality of the machine and equipment is reliable,it is important,but no one can Make sure that there are no mistakes.It doesn't matter if there is a problem.The important thing is to solve the problem in time.This is the kingly way.

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