Where can make silicone UV flatbed printer?

- Jan 19, 2021-

  Silicone is difficult to adhere to due to its special material,and it is easy to fade.For many years,no manufacturer has overcome this problem.As a UV flatbed printer manufacturer,Dacen has developed customized silicone printers to solve the problems of difficult coloring and easy color fading.

  1.Where can make silicone UV flatbed printer?

  Dacen can do it,the table size is 2500*1300MM,automatic operation,including education and meeting,one learns it,is a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights,professional research and development,production and sales of UV digital printing equipment.The company is committed to providing professional UV digital printing equipment for industrial manufacturing enterprises.The main products are:UV flatbed printers,flatbed printers,cylindrical printers,UV printers,digital printing machines,glass printing machines,ceramic printing machines,etc.

  Silicone UV color printing adhesion has always been a major difficulty in the industry.The main factor is the silicone material's own material(silica gel contains active oil and fat substances,which results in extremely low dyne value on the surface of the material),so you want to solve the surface adhesion of silicone The problem is to destroy the material of the silicone surface to increase the dyne value of the surface.As long as the dyne value meets the value of UV ink on other surfaces,it can be directly color printed.

  The use of UV color printing for silicone products is very flexible and convenient for printing.Multi-colors can be printed together and there is no limit to patterns.

  2.Summary of silicone printer manufacturer Dacen

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