Causes of incorrect color of UV flatbed printer

- Jan 20, 2021-

  How to deal with the color irregularities when using UV flatbed printer?Dacen combined technology to answer.

  One.Reasons for the incorrect color of UV flatbed printers

  1.The printing output software problem,the pirated software can not accurately restore the color code,and then transmit the data to the printer head,which is also a factor that causes the actual pattern color deviation.

  2.The test strip printed by the uv printer is very clear,but the variegated color in the picture when printing should belong to the color deviation.The large color deviation of the printed pattern is due to the accuracy of the uv flatbed printer itself,although the printing accuracy and PASS are different.The types of nozzles are the same,but the actual printing effect is different.For example,a nozzle with a large nozzle diameter has larger ink droplets,so that the resulting pattern is not as delicate as a small nozzle.

  3.Ink problem,the pigment components and proportions of the inks produced by different manufacturers are different,which also causes the patterns printed by UV to be different.Therefore,when the user uses the uv printer,use the ink specified by the manufacturer to avoid the blockage of the ink path and the nozzle caused by the use of inferior ink.

  Two,UV flatbed printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  This article is about the content of"the reasons for the incorrect color of UV flatbed printers".I hope to help you.If you still can't solve it,you can directly contact Dacen after-sales service.

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