Trunk UV Flatbed Printer Introduction

- Mar 15, 2021-

  Introduction to trunk UV flatbed printers,many trunkes and bags may use UV printers for processing and customization,and the characteristic patterns are more favored by various manufacturers.

  One.Introduction of trunk UV flatbed printer

  1.One piece of printing,large quantities of luggage uv printers can be matched with template printing,saving time and effort.

  2.The uv printer is easy to operate and short to get started.Generally,it only takes one to two hours to master,and it does not require professional skills to make it well.

  3.The Y-axis adopts double-grinding precision screw rods,and the uv printer has high repeat positioning accuracy;the X-axis adopts Taiwan Shangyin's silent double guide rail,which makes the printing process less noise.

  4.Compatible with soft and hard materials,unlimited material printing,uv printer has a wide range of applications,in addition to printing bags,acrylic,ceramic tiles,background walls,etc.can also be printed.

  5.Negative pressure ink supply system and secondary ink filter system to ensure stable ink output and avoid nozzle blockage.

  Two.Summary of Dacen,a manufacturer of UV flatbed printers

  Of course,before purchasing a trunk UV printer,it is necessary to determine the printing height of the printer with the UV printer manufacturer to avoid inappropriateness.Dacen has been in the UV flatbed printer industry for more than ten years.If you need it,please contact Dacen.

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