Acrylic patterns are generally printed by UV printers

- Mar 16, 2021-

  Acrylic patterns are generally printed by UV printers.UV printers are high-precision and high-speed factory batch production equipment.They are not limited by materials.They can be used for:background walls,advertisements,glass,ceramic tiles,acrylic and other materials..

  One.Acrylic patterns are usually printed by UV printers

  1.Acrylic is commonly known as plexiglass.Products made of acrylic have the advantages of beautiful and smooth,good light transmission,rich colors,etc.

  2.The products printed by acrylic printers have the advantages of waterproof,sunscreen,and non-fading.Special UV inks are used.These inks are safe,environmentally friendly,non-toxic,and have no color cast or color mixing.

  3.block-color or full-color patterns can be printed at one time by an acrylic printer,especially without the need for plate making,printing and repeated color registration,the printed pictures are rich and lifelike.

  Two.Summary of acrylic printer manufacturer Dacen

  The above is"Acrylic patterns are usually printed by UV printers",I hope to help you.

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