The small common sense of maintenance of UV printer print head-three

- Sep 12, 2017-

11, deep cleaning: if nozzle clogging serious, it must be removed thoroughly cleaned, can be soaked for a long time (dissolved clotted ink in the nozzle), or with ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning (note the cleaning time can not exceed 1 minute to avoid damage the nozzle circuit) , Can also be directly to the cleaning nozzle unit processing.

12, the nozzle in front of the print head made of polyimide film, when saving, handling, cleaning, soaking should be careful; if being bruised, will lead to the ray of the nozzle is not straight.

13, When cleaning the print head, should used special cleaning solution.

14, The print head is using, should be thoroughly cleaned regularly, when it not used ,can be removed and soaked for a long time.

15, UV printer nozzle blockage are the result of long-term accumulation, the user must keep the print head flow when using.

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