The problem of refitting uv flatbed printer

- Oct 21, 2017-

Ink full so that can not print:Technology is backward,convergence between inner parts is not tight enough, when printing will produce waste ink continuously, on the one hand , increased the printing cost, on the other hand lead to ink filled easily, because itself does not have the automatic cleaning function, in addition,the baseboard is put together by others, result in that the printer needs to be reset and clean frequently in daily life.
Print head often block: the reason for print head blocking is various,the secondary print head has been used, certainly life is short, can not fuse with ink, ink does not be tested by the manufacturer, cheap ink will also plug the print head.
Technical defects:the lack of the maintenance of print head and automatic maintenance function, not only reflected in the base board software, but also can be visually identified from the hardware, a lot of auxiliary parts are missing.

uv flatbed printer.jpg

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