Factors affect the working efficiency of the uv flatbed printer

- Oct 21, 2017-

The working environment of UV flatbed printer and the ink the printer select
The quality of the ink affects the efficiency of the UV flatbed printer. If the ink quality is not good, and the air with dust, will make the ink system supply ink untimely or disconnection, and may even clog the nozzle, which seriously interrupted the normal operation of UV flatbed printer.


The setting speed of UV flatbed printer and the speed of software in normal working
The setting work speed and software normal working speed is essential to maintain the UV flatbed printers' work efficiency, computer data transmission will affect the UV printer's reaction, the time ink curing required will reduce the working efficiency .


Print head problems in the use of UV flatbed printer
UV flatbed printer in normal work may appear problems the print head can not spray ink, ink flying, or can not spray enough ink, these problems will inevitably reduce work efficiency and should be dealt with in time.

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